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Wedding is the most spectacular movement in the lifetime. For this kind of amazing movement we seize our memory by capturing every single shot through HI-TECH cameras.


Nowadays trend is building up in our society. To make choose the best one in the wedding, that is wedding clothes, wedding ring, wedding cakes and wedding photographers. Here we have good quality HI-TECH cameras and well skilled photographers are there. 


Sunshine coastal wedding is really loved capturing the relationship between bride-groom and their families of the wedding day.


We at David Lynne Photography turn wedding photography into a fun, joy and romance packed experience where you will carry along heavy weight of memories which you can store for the rest of your life.


Photography is a creative work, which carries most unrealistic to realistic scenic or from realistic to unrealistic scenic. And also it carries story of the full picture and their emotions, sad, joy and romance.


David Lynne photography capture an image and never miss a single shot of a wedding and make it as a big difference like capturing first kissing, tossing flower, wedding cake guest with champagne.

A good photo tells the story of the whole picture, so we do exactly concentrate bride and groom and they are the center of attraction, and also we give priority for top quality picture; we check for red eye, blur images dull light images. These are all some importance given to quality check for photography.


The beautiful arrangements of flower decorations which leave the pleasant in the mind and drag us to some friendly atmosphere and also attract the guest. Little one’s with floral which more attract than other.  


By seeing your wedding photograph that leaves you a huge smile on your face which makes us our service is satisfied. 

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